Brand and values


Our brand is based on the founding values of our company’s identity, inspired by the qualities of the cheetah: strength, power, energy, tenacity, an elegant approach, an evolving hunt strategy, visual acuity, rapid coverage of vast areas and the audacity to reach its final goal.

In the real estate jungle, GUEPARD immobilier takes a broad view; it analyses; it throws itself into its research as far and as fast as possible; it explores other channels; it watches the market with curiosity and interest in order to arrive quickly at its goal, suggesting an original and completely new experience. It acts with efficiency, discretion and integrity over a well-defined area. Its qualities make it rare and exclusive.


Passion and ambition

To successfully complete our mission and become the benchmark for our trade, we have skills, methods and powerful tools devoted to each individual requirement. We can enrich our core business to the rhythm of the world around us, in order to provide our clients with innovative services and offers.

Ethics and responsibility

We must – while respecting the interests of our clients – have exemplary conduct and integrity in our daily working practices.

The hunting spirit

The innovation and creativity that surround our commercial approach is aimed at providing the best solution and service offer to our clients. We therefore pay scrupulous attention to detail and listen carefully in order to deliver a commercial relationship commensurate to our clients’ requirements.



Standing by our clients’ sides, we efficiently help them to purchase their ideal property. From the search to rigorous negotiation, and beyond the purchase with original services. We can better accomplish this mission in as far as we have the capacity to identify and select a portfolio of quality properties beforehand. In addition, it is in exploring multiple channels that we offer unique and personalized benefits.


GUEPARD immobilier stands out for:

  • The way it practices its trade, guaranteeing you the provision of real value:
    Independence, offer strength and critical regard.
    Personalized approach and respect for the customer.
    Interventions limited in time and reactivity.
  • Its interventions from start to finish to express your need: Dual skills in sales and management, guaranteeing the implementation of exemplary practices and the operational success of the projects tackled Pragmatic culture Follow-up throughout the duration
  • Its know-how and involvement:
    Qualification and experience: superior initial training, varied experience in advice, sales and management development Capacity to listen and analyse.
    Expectations in terms of the quality of deliverables.

GUEPARD immobilier is committed to success on behalf of its clients.

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GUEPARD Immobilier